At Oakleigh House the Sanctuary Project offers people time out, in a safe and supported homely environment. This support has proved to be an effective way of keeping people out of crisis.

Guests staying at Oakleigh House will all have a Care Co-ordinator at the Community Mental Health Team, who will make all the necessary arrangements for the stay, including transport, if needed. There is no cost to stay here. Oakleigh House can support up to five guests at a time. Guests can stay for four weeks per year for a maximum of two weeks per visit.


Each guest has their own room with TV,CD player and tea/coffee making facilities.

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A range of optional activities are available including art/crafts and complimentary therapies.

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Guests can have daily individual time with any of the house workers. Oakleigh House encourages guests to retain control of day to day decisions and each guest decides how much or how little they want from their stay. Guests are responsible for their own meals and there is a fully fitted kitchen which is shared with any other guests.


Several Team members bring their dogs to work with them so Guests can enjoy some 'animal therapy'!

The Oakleigh Team will work with Guests during their stay to develop a Safety Plan to help them with their Mental Wellbeing moving forward.


Oakleigh House is unique in Cornwall as it is the only crisis prevention project that has been designed by service users. On average 160 guests are supported each year and regular guest feed-back ensures that Oakleigh House continues to provide the right experience for the people who need it.


Due to NHS withdrawal of mental health funding in 2016, regretably, Nightlink was forced to close in 2020.


  Nightlink Mission Statement

  To provide listening, understanding, support and respect to callers   experiencing emotional distress. To promote callers' personal   empowerment and to encourage control of their situation.


N.E.S.T (Nightlink Emotional Support Text) commenced in May 2010. Following NHS Kernow cuts to mental health provision the NEST service ended on 31 October 2016.