Nightlink is Cornwall's free-phone listening service for anyone 18 years or over, who is experiencing or has experienced emotional distress. Nightlink is also available for people supporting those in emotional distress and anyone who feels the would like to discuss their difficulties in confidence.


  Nightlink Mission Statement

  To provide listening, understanding, support and respect to callers   experiencing emotional distress. To promote callers' personal   empowerment and to encourage control of their situation.

  0808 8000306 (Free phone)

Nightlink has 5 paid staff and up to 20 volunteers who using counselling and listening skills have supported callers since 1998. While not specifically a counselling service, many of our listeners are   qualified counsellers and all are trained in counselling skills. The helpline was one of the first to be accredited to the MHHP's (Mental Health Helpline Partnership) nationally recognised Quality Standard Award and has also achieved the ILCM Accreditation.



At Oakleigh House the Sanctuary Project offers people time limited,time out, in a safe and supported homely environment. This support has proved to be an effective way of keeping people out of crisis. To stay at Oakleigh House all guests need to have a Care Co-ordinator from the Community Mental Health Team. The Care Co-ordinator will make all the necessary arrangements regarding your stay including transport if needed. There is no cost to stay here. Oakleigh House can support up to five guests at a time. Guests can stay for up to two weeks, twice in any one year. Each guest has their own room with TV,CD player and tea/coffee making facilities. A range of optional activities are available including art/crafts and complimentary therapies.


Guests can have daily individual time with any of the house workers. Oakleigh House encourages guests to retain control of day to day decisions and each guest decides how much or how little they want from their stay. Guests are responsible for their own meals and must keep the needs of other guests in mind.


Oakleigh House is unique in Cornwall as it is the only crisis prevention project that has been designed by service users. On average 240 guests are supported each year and regular guest feed-back ensures that Oakleigh House continues to provide the right experience for the people who need it.


N.E.S.T (Nightlink Emotional Support Text) commenced in May 2010. Following NHS Kernow cuts to mental health provision the NEST service ended on 31 October 2016.