Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

Reviewed April 2013

This is a general policy for Re-gain and due to the diverse nature of mental health work, projects may be required to have their own policies which are more specific to the particular service - guided by the principles of this policy.

As a mental health specific organisation, safeguarding vulnerable adults against abuse is a core priority. Any service user, 18 years or older, of Re-Gain services shall be considered by definition, a potentially vulnerable adult. Abuse is considered to be physical, psychological, emotional, financial, neglectful or sexual maltreatment. This may take the form of a single incident or repeated events.

The following principles underpin our activities and considerations to vulnerable adults: -

i, All staff, volunteers and representatives of Re-gain will be aware of this policy and work within it.
ii, We will work co-operatively in the identification, investigation, treatment and prevention of any abuse to vulnerable adults.
iii, We will be consistent in our response to concerns or complaints raised regarding abuse to vulnerable adults, regardless of the source or the method that it is raised.
iv, We will take responsibility to share information on a need to know basis, to ensure effective decisions are made and appropriate preventative action is taken.
v, Action will be co-ordinated against alleged perpetrators in compliance with our policies and the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

Any Re-Gain staff member, volunteer or representative must take immediate action upon discovery of or suspicion of any potential or alleged abuse. This must include involvement of a Re-Gain director. The matter will then be investigated and confidentially recorded. Where appropriate the alleged victim of the abuse must be fully supported and reassured that their complaint is being taken seriously and acted upon.

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